Tourist Visa for Italy

How can Cuban citizens get a tourist Visa for Italy? All Italian and non-EU citizens having a regular residency permit can invite a Cuban citizen to Italy for tourist reasons.

Cubaservizi will take careĀ  the of allĀ  necessary steps for Cuban citizens to present themselves at the embassy with all the necessary documents ready.

You must have the following documents in order for Cuban citizens to obtain a tourist invitation to Italy:

  • A reservation at the embassy to have an interview
  • An Insurance policy covering the length of stay in the Country (Italy)
  • Guarantee policy about invitation period
  • A flight reservation
  • A letter of invitation from your host


We take care to deliver every consular module in advance which are normally delivered to Cuban citizens on the day of the interview day thus avoiding any stress or difficulty.

Cubaservizi provides advice needed to inform citizens.

Our customers/guests will be helped in reading all documents and we will explain in detail how the interview works.

We don’t limit ourselves to obtaining templates to be completed but we guarantee to offer best advice and make all of our experience available to both the host and invited individual.

Industry experts are part of our team and they know how to give information about concrete possibilities to get a Visa after an interview with Cuban citizens who would like to obtain one.

This is what working side by side with our clients means and for these reasons we’re confident in our ability to do the best job possible in assisting them.