Consular Services

Through our following Consular Services you can get in touch with your consular competent office and obtain documentation you need. Cubaservizi will help you in obtaining certificates and will steer you through complex bureaucratic paths concerning Cuban citizens who want to come to Italy and Italians who wish to go to Cuba or move there.

Mandatory consular registration for all Cuban citizens residing in Italy

Passport extension, to be made every 2 years

Passport remaking, to be made every 6 years

Passport reclamation, if requested in consulate

Wedding authorization

Passport authorization for those who remained in Italy for more than 11 months

Visa + insurance, mandatory for Italian citizens or foreigners who wants to go to Cuba

Family visas for not Cuban citizens married or Cuban citizens’ sons

Tourist visasĀ  for those who wants to visit Cuba (mandatory to move to the country)

Registrations (wedding, divorce, birth)